The Newton MessagePad 2000-series devices had a little known internal slot intended for an integrated modem card that was never made by Apple. PCMCIA WiFi cards of this era do not support modern WPA2 encryption. This site outlines a project to build a WiFi board for this never-used internal serial slot that works with modern WiFi networks.

Wednesday, January 14, 2015


The Apple Newton is still one of my favorite gadgets.  Even now, almost 20 years later, my Newton MessagePad can do things that a modern iPad cannot.  Every six years or so I pull my Newton out of a drawer and it captures my interest.

I don't blog, but I needed a place to post some content and images.  Blogger seemed as good a place as any-- its free, and likely will be around as long as Google is.

I'm currently in one of my six year periods of fascination.  When I loose interest again and the Newton takes its place back in the drawer, this information posted here hopefully will still be available for archival purposes.